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We are a music school that is all about giving you the most direct route to becoming the most skilled musician you can be. On the journey to gaining your music degree, not only will you receive a lot of personal attention and tons of performance opportunities, but you’ll also find a wealth of classes that prepare you for today’s demanding careers in music. Choose one of the tabs above to learn what makes LACM one of the top music schools today.


The Bachelor of Music Degree (BM) program is a 3 year (12 quarter) full time program. Two majors are available for the BM degree, Music Performance and Music Production. Find Out More >


The Associate of Arts program is a one-and-a-half year (six quarters), full-time Professional Degree that develops relevant skills in instrumental technique, performance, musicianship (and/or music production) as they relate to contemporary music styles. Find Out More >


The Diploma program is a one year, full-time program which is comprised of courses that will develop relevant musicianship and enhance the student’s skill set. Find Out More >


Drum Performance We give students the vocational tools to go out and pursue making a living playing drums. Find Out More > Guitar Performance We work on theory, ear training, studio and live playing techniques, as well as marketing strategies. Find Out More > Vocal Artist Development We focus on giving vocalists the tools to “get to the music” as full partners with great instrumentalists & producers. Find Out More > Bass Performance We get right down to the business of what it takes to be a good bassist and a good musician. Find Out More > NEW! Brass & Woodwind Performance We provide students with plenty of hands-on experience as well as theory, and weekly master classes. Find Out More >


Music Producing & Recording We expose students to as many varying aspects of production as possible, to compete as a producer in the real world. Find Out More > Composing for Visual Media We give today’s film composers the tools he or she needs to do an effective score for any visual media project. Find Out More >


NEW! Songwriting Students will gain the skills and knowledge to become a professional composer and compete in the entertainment industry. Find Out More >

With LACM’s online music classes, you can learn from world-class instructors while studying from the comfort of your own home!


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Music Student Activities

Student Activities

While rehearsing, performing, recording, writing and producing are the core aspects of how a music school student spends their time at LACM, there are many…

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Career Services

Students at LACM receive ongoing support and encouragement to develop their music career goals and plans while an active student. In addition to music…

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Moby, music industry events

Industry Events

To supplement the presentations of incredible guest clinicians provided as an integrated part of each music program at LACM, industry events play a large…

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Dave Martone – LACM Online Guitar Lesson Excerpt from “Modes the Martone Way”

Ralph Humphrey – LACM Online Drum Course “Fundamental Drumset Techniques”

Felicia Andolong – “Castles in the Sky”