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Learn about our Bachelor, Associate, Diploma programs as well as online options, Summer Xperience, Drummers Reality Camp and other programs.
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music career services


Students & Alumni of LACM receive ongoing support and opportunities to develop their career goals in the music industry with the help of dedicated staff.
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Moby, music industry events


LACM’s proximity to Hollywood helps the staff and faculty connect with major players in the music industry that serve as guest speakers, clinicians and counselors in LACM’s events and programs.
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Dave Martone – LACM Online Guitar Lesson Excerpt from “Modes the Martone Way”

Ralph Humphrey – LACM Online Drum Course “Fundamental Drumset Techniques”

Felicia Andolong – “Castles in the Sky”

  • Happy Friday LACMers! @CVM_LACM
  • Composers celebrated an amazing bday with Tybees! this week. Hope you had fun! @CVM_LACM
  • LACM Family!!! have a great and safe weekend!! see you all on tuesday. /Bass Ambassador/
  • Only singing to drums is so much fun! Excited for everybody's performances :)) @Vocal_LACM
  • Another studio day tomorrow which means arranging my final project so that everything gets done on time! #LACM - @MP_LACM
  • The mixes today were amazing as always. Listening to everyone's take on the project is very interesting. #LACM - @MP_LACM