Coming from the far away land of Australia, America always looked like a faraway dream where fame and fortune came to life. I would be planted by my television during award season and study all the upcoming acts on screen. It just seemed like an exciting place, especially Los Angeles. LA was where music and television are birthed and nurtured. The dream was always and forever amongst my family to go to the Grammy Awards (and obviously receive on as well).

Fast forward a decade and here I am at Los Angeles College of Music, doing what I have wanted to do since I was 13 years old. This place is where all my dreams came true and I honestly got that goose bump feeling from orientation day. Why, all of a sudden, everyone speaks my language, shares the same passion and truly wishes to be living and breathing music forever.

I ended up getting an apartment on Vine Street, not only on the stars but also across from Capitol Records- No biggie! Across from the iconic Amoeba Music record store, walking distance from Hotel Café, a quick drive to the Troubadour where my favourite stars performed… I immediately knew I made the right decision and that I was in the Mecca of Music.

I did look into other schools in Los Angeles but the main reason why LACM caught my eye is that it was in a beautiful area and that it was also an intimate setting and was therefore less intimidating. Living in Hollywood was enough for me, let alone going to school there too.

Day 1 of orientation, GrammyU came to speak to us and immediately gave us a free membership and within 6 months I was attending the dress rehearsals for the Grammy Awards.

Everything is possible in Los Angeles, everything was tangible to me.

As an international student, in your mind you instantly feel like everyone is famous because you’re in America and it’s the entertainment capital. My teachers amazed me everyday as they informed me who they had worked with. My mind was blown. I was also able to meet people outside of school that are extremely influential in the industry. The best of the best would sit in on a panel at my showcase and give me feedback. What more could I want?!

As I am about to graduate, LACM has prepared me with a few prospective job opportunities, prepared me with a visa and educated me about the music industry enough to make me less intimidated about being launched into the outer world.