Some questions are considered when searching for a college.

Say you want to delve into a creative field whilst also receiving an all rounded foundation of education, you would want to look into music school. The reason is that when we do study a somewhat ‘bland’ course, we often tend to hunger for creative release. It is important to be able to take advantage of the skills we are born with. If you can play an instrument, write a song, have precious ears to produce, looking into music school should be for you!

Do I want to go to a two-year or four-year college?

Luckily at LACM we offer one, two, three-year courses, which receive some sort of diploma or bachelor credit. There are multiple courses on offer to prepare for your future. Music Production, Music Composition, Music Business, Music Performance are the fields that we offer. Be able to master your instrument or become a manager, become a music director or a leading songwriter- we have it all! In addition, we offer additional courses where you can improve your skills in other fields, so you don’t need to limit yourself to one thing!

Public or Private?

When it comes to searching for a private school, we immediately think of $$$. Most schools have financial aid. LACM has not only financial aid but also a scholarship program where you can apply for a full or half scholarship. So you don’t need to stress!

Selective School

Choosing a selective school is for someone that wants to be truly nourished and catered to intensely throughout their schooling experience. LACM is a ‘community’ like college. Due to its intimate size, you immediately feel like you belong somewhere and don’t feel lost amongst the masses. LACM has music playing from every room and courses that allow you to expand you musicality skills but also life skills. The general atmosphere at LACM is almost like a fun loving close knit family, where everyone is reachable, hardworking and willing to have a good time whilst learning.