Broaden your opportunities 

As we know the industry is evolving each and every day. Therefore, it’s imperative to understand what is happening and be consistently up to date with the changes. Earning money in the music industry is not as clear cut as it used to be, which is why at LACM, the business course prepares you for a prosperous future. Learn to face the real world of the music business and all its facets.

Indulging in the music business field broadens your opportunities such as mastering the art of licensing and publishing, becoming a manager or develop your marketing skills. Afterall, everyone needs a business minded person in their life to govern and protect all their artwork.

LACM has leading professionals who still are hardworking and well known figures in the music industry. LACM is lucky to have the genius herself, Jennifer Horton who has worked in the entertainment business as a successful manager, producer and business owner. She is currently an A&R consultant for Artist Publishing Group under Mike Caren and Ben Maddahi where she worked on the recent Chris Brown x Tyga “Fan of a Fan” album and is working on records for Chris Brown’s new album, as well as the Black Eyed Peas reunion album, Austin Mahone and more.

The LACM Business course develops proficiency in applied business and accounting, marketing, digital distribution and monetization, A&R, publishing, licensing, music supervision, artist management, tour strategies and more, while also establishing a strong foundation in musicianship.

It provides a warm community atmosphere of talented and creative people that need the business minds behind their skills. The school provides an exciting schedule of weekly shows, masterclasses and interactive sessions make you find your feet and truly get inspired everyday to partake in the music industry.