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"LACM's immersive musical education prepares tomorrow's bass players with the real-world skills and concepts needed for ongoing success"

Jerry Watts

Bass Department Head

  • The Bass Major combines theory, sight reading, musicianship and practical live playing
  • Develop a firm grip on harmonic movement, time, and groove, while also mastering recording techniques and composition.
  • Bass Majors will experience multiple genres of music, making them a well rounded musician.
  • Ensemble Workshops allow Bass students to play with some of LA’s best musicians and experience real-world scenarios.
  • LACM prepares you for the music industry and what goes beyond school.
  • Music Business subject which allows one to learn the fundamentals of business models and more.

Bass Faculty

The network to your future.

Bass Application Requirements

      Prepare one (1) selection in a style you are most familiar (2 – 5 minutes).
    2. SCALES
      Play a minimum of two (2) scales from the following options (two octaves, quarter note = 80 BPM):
      – Major
      – Minor (natural, harmonic, or melodic)
      – Whole Tone
      – Phrygian or Mixolydian
      Choose two different styles (funk, rock, jazz, latin, etc) and provide examples of consistent, repeating pattern (with a click or loop) without deviating/embellishing for 60 seconds. (Note: example #1 – 95 BPM; example #2 – 130 BPM)
    4. READING
      Example #1: Rhythmic reading. (Note: quarter note tempo = 65 BPM, with click)
      Example #2: Chord Chart – – choose any style, play through at least two times (quarter note tempo = 117 BPM, with click)

Demonstrate as many of the following common techniques as you can. For each, play at least 16 bars without fills or embellishments.
1. Finger-style playing
2. Slap/pop
3. Pick playing
4. Harmonics/false harmonics
5. Chords
6. Two-hand tapping