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"LACM's immersive musical education prepares tomorrow's bass players with the real-world skills and concepts needed for ongoing success"

Jerry Watts
Bass Department Head

Upon completion of the Bachelor of Music program in Bass Performance, students will:

  1. The Bass Major combines theory, sight reading, musicianship and practical live playing
  2. Develop a firm grip on harmonic movement, time, and groove, while also mastering recording techniques and composition.
  3. Bass Majors will experience multiple genres of music, making them a well rounded musician.
  4. Ensemble Workshops allow Bass students to play with some of LA’s best musicians and experience real-world scenarios.
  5. LACM prepares you for the music industry and what goes beyond school.
  6. Music Business subject which allows one to learn the fundamentals of business models and more.

Program Pacing

Bass Faculty

The network to your future.

Bass Application Requirements

    Prepare one (1) selection in a style you are comfortable with (3-5 minutes in length). The piece should showcase your musical interest, proficiency on the instrument, and musicianship. Although not required, your piece may include improvisation.
    Play a minimum of three (3) scales from the following options (two octaves, quarter note = 80 BPM):
    – Major
    – Minor (natural, harmonic, or melodic)
    – Whole Tone
    – Phrygian or Mixolydian
    Choose two different styles (funk, rock, jazz, latin, hip hop, etc.) and provide examples of a consistent, repeating pattern (with a click or loop) without deviating/embellishing for 60 seconds. (Note: example #1 – 75 BPM; example #2 – 130 BPM)
  4. BLUES – Demonstrate your ability to play over a I-IV-V blues progression (minimum of three (3) choruses, in a key of your choosing.
    Example #1: Rhythmic reading. (Note: quarter note tempo = 65 BPM, with click)
    Example #2: Chord Chart– choose any style, play through at least two times, creating a bass line consistent with your chosen style (quarter note tempo = 117 BPM, with click)
    Demonstrate any of the following techniques you may be familiar with. For each, play at least 16 bars without fills or embellishments in steady time.
    Pick playing
    Harmonics/false harmonics
    Two-hand tapping