Dr. Manoug Seraydarian
  • American Board certified oral & dental surgeon
  • Graduate of the University of Aleppo
  • Attended UCLA Graduate School of Education & Information Studies, and completed the studies at UCLA Mathematics Project’s Mathematics Educators        Leadership Institute and Continuing Teacher Leader Institute.
  • Over 30 years of teaching and educational leadership experience
  • Served as Mathematics and Sciences Dept. Chair, Principal, Professor and Dean at several high schools and colleges
  • Selected Grand Judge (Biomedical Sciences) at International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF, by Intel) and California Science Fair Judge (Life                    Sciences)
  • Certificates of Achievement and Recognition from US Congress, CA Senate, CA State Assembly, etc…
  • Hobbies: Reading and Photography
Angel Baker

Angel M. Baker is a writer and English Instructor in Los Angeles. She teaches literary theory, critical thinking, and research and writing. Her goal is to help students better express themselves on the page as well as in their daily lives. She’s been a regular contributing writer in magazines in San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles covering music, art, film, and photography. Her first short story, “A Summer Story,” was published in the creative non-fiction section of the Eastern Kentucky University journal. Recently, she was a Poet of the Month for MoonTide Press. She is a licensed California attorney, philanthropist, animal advocate, avid reader, and yoga instructor.

Eric Delgado

Eric Delgado is California native, born in San Bernadino. He has a BA from California State University Northridge in English Literature. He has worked in a variety of fields including child care, elementary education, computer and network maintenance for the Glendale Unified School District and taught English overseas in Miyagi, Japan for two years. His hobbies include coffee, sword fighting and board games.

Rachel Green

Rachel Green is an instructor with 17 years experience at the elementary, secondary, undergraduate, and graduate levels. Her background is in music and theater, with a BFA from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. After leaving the classroom, Rachel joined the faculty of UCLA’s Teacher Education Program. She holds two master’s degrees from UCLA, one in teaching and one in administration. She was a 2011 Music Center Bravo Award winner for her work integrating music and theater into her classroom. She has created several original musicals and written countless songs with and for her students. She approaches all her work through a social justice lens.

Kristin Gibson

I am originally from North Carolina.  I attended undergraduate and graduate school at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where my undergraduate focus was Communications Studies/Women’s Studies and my graduate degree was in Sociology. I later earned an additional graduate degree in Community Health from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. I worked in the higher education and wellness sectors in my home state for a number of years before moving to California to teach sociology full-time at California State University-Bakersfield. I have elected to live in Los Angeles, which has provided me opportunities to teach at other colleges in addition to CSU-B, and in my limited free time, I enjoy reading, yoga, and traveling.

Jonathan Berk

Jonathan Berk is an academic educator who holds a MSc from the University of Edinburgh in Applied Linguistics, and a BA from Azusa Pacific University in Philosophy. He wrote his dissertation on the sociophonetic factors that govern Scottish Standard English in Edinburgh and has been teaching for 12 years. He has worked abroad in China and completed a Fulbright grant in the Slovak Republic. He moonlights running a general contracting firm that does commercial work for local businesses.

Jonathan is an avid puzzle, geocacher, and escape room enthusiast. He enjoys setting up escape scenarios for his friends and students. Jonathan lives on a small suburban farm in Pomona, CA with his wife, chickens and turkey.

Silvia Mendez y Margalef

Silvia Mendez y Margalef was born in Spain to Catalan and French parents, but lived most of her life in Mexico, where she developed a passion for teaching Foreign Languages. She earned her Undergraduate degree in foreign languages and completed two Master degrees in Education. She has been teaching for over 17 years and speaks four languages (Spanish, French, Catalan and English).

Silvia joined LACM in 2017, and she is thrilled to work with students that are passionate about Music. She believes in language immersion and employs dynamic teaching techniques during classes. Her true drive is to instill the love for romantic languages in the hearts and minds of her students.

CArlos C

Carlos Campos is a music educator who has taught for over two decades at many prestigious institutions including Berklee College, New England Conservatory, Musicians Institute, Cornel School of Contemporary Music and California College of Music.

He earned a Bachelor of Music from Berklee, Masters of Music from New England Conservatory and an Honorary Doctorate of Music Arts from Shepherd University.

Some of his teachers and mentors include Edgar Valcarcel, William Thomas McKinley, Herb Pomeroy, Ran Blake, Anthony D’Bonaventura, Stephanie Tiernan, James Williams and others.

Carlos Campos has published many music texts us as  “Latin Jazz Piano, Vol. 1”, “Salsa, Afro Cuban Montunos for Piano”, “Merengue Piano Styles”, “Ultimate Latin Riffs for Piano/Keyboards”, “Salsa, Afro Cuban Montunos for Guitar”, “Further Adventures in Afro Cuban Music”, “Performance Ear Training (levels I-VI)”, “Keyboard Voicings (levels I-III)”, “Keyboard Skills for Non-Majors (levels I-II)”, “Note Groups and Patterns (Improvisation)”, “Note Patterns for Melodic Development”, “Scales, Extensions, Approach Notes,” and other titles.

As a sought-after composer, producer and performer, Dr. Campos has recorded music for a wide variety of international artists on major and independent labels and television networks including EMI, BMG, Atlantic, Bronco, CNET, Telemundo, and Univision. His music has appeared in commercials for major corporations including Nissan, GTE, Jack-in-the-box, Cadbury, and more.

Dr. Campos holds a weekly class via Facebook Live. The class is free of charge and open to music students worldwide. There he covers subjects such as Ear Training, Solfege, Music Theory, Jazz Voicings, Chord-Scale Harmony and other material.

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