Living Options

There are many options for student housing in Pasadena and in the wider city of Los Angeles. LACM’s residence hall and other, nearby apartments come with a wide range of rental prices and amenities so that students can choose the best environment to create their home away from home.

Roommate Connection

The Roommate Connection connects incoming and current LACM students who are seeking off-campus housing and/or roommates. Students can opt to share their information and budget with fellow classmates before the start of each quarter to find available apartments and roommates.

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Easy Transportation

  • Bus- The bus is located near stops on the Pasadena Rapid Transit System. Stops are approximately 2 blocks from campus.
  • Train – LACM is conveniently located near the Gold Line. Students can walk from the nearest stop to LACM in 2 minutes.

LACM Residence Hall

1539 E Howard St, Pasadena, CA 91104

LACM is proud to offer a partnership with William Carey International University to provide a dormitory option to incoming students. The Townsend Dormitory rooms are arranged in quads: four two-personal rooms with a shared bathroom.

Students living in the Residence Hall must choose one of two meal plans: Standard or Flex. Each plan works much like a debit card, so once you spend money on a meal in the cafeteria that purchase is deducted from your Housing ID card. Meal plan spending carries over from quarter to quarter. Prices in the cafeteria are reasonable and also offer a Grab & Go service to take food with you to campus in case you miss scheduled meals. The Standard meal plan costs $450 per month and the Flex meal plan costs $350 per month.

Dormitory units are rented by Academic school year, which is four quarters for all incoming students.


  • Rooms (approximately 225 sq. ft ) 
  • Bathrooms have 2 toilets, 3 showers, and 3 sinks
  • 2 large closets, a desk/chair and a small dresser
  • WiFi
  • Gym membership
  • On campus Laundry facilities
  • Common area Kitchens
  • Shared lounge space
  • Traditional dorm activities


To ensure a spot in the Residence Hall, there is a $500 deposit due for the Spring 2018 quarter. This deposit will go towards your first quarter housing fees, but will be non-refundable, even if you no longer plan to attend LACM or live in campus housing. We offer four different packages that are listed below:

  • Single Occupancy & Flex Meal Plan $5,655/Academic Quarter
  • Single Occupancy & Standard Meal Plan $5,880/Academic Quarter
  • Double Occupancy & Flex Meal Plan $3,705/Academic Quarter
  • Double Occupancy & Standard Meal Plan $4,155/Academic Quarter

*$500 Deposit

Shuttle Service

The Shuttle Service runs from 7:30am-12:30am, Mon – Fri. Weekly it’ll make stops at Target, Grocery Stores and other convenient stores.


Housing details for the 2018-2019 Academic year are being finalized. Updated information will be released by February 2018. If you should have any questions about Housing, please contact an Admissions Representative at [email protected]

Apartment Living

Pasadena is home to many apartment complexes within walking distance to LACM and they offer a range of rental prices. Below are some of our preferred apartment companies that come highly recommended from students and staff.

Westgate Apartments

231 S De Lacey Ave Pasadena, CA 91105 (2-3 blocks from LACM)

The Hallie

280 E Del Mar Blvd Pasadena, CA 91101 (4 blocks from LACM)

Other Residential Options

Here is a list of useful sites that provide housing options with a price range that best suits you. Pasadena is a great walking community with many apartment options near LACM.







  • Hurlbut Apartments $$ 1.3 mi
  • The Aqua Courtyard Suites $$ 1.8 mi
  • Windrose Apartment $$ .5 mi
  • Monterra Del Sol $$ .5 mi
  • California Euclid $$ .7 mi
  • Hurlbut St. $$ .7 mi
  • Palm Garden Apartment Homes $$$ 1.3 mi
  • Villas of Pasadena $$$ .7 mi
  • Eaves Apartment $$$ .4 mi
  • Los Robles $$$ .9 mi
  • Marengo $$$ 1 bedrooms only .5 mi
  • The Avalon $$$$ 1.2 mi
  • The Hallie $$$$ .3 mi
  • Westgate $$$$ .2 mi