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"LACM’s new piano program offers a contemporary approach to the conservatory experience with a newly-designed, integrative curriculum for today’s complete pianist."

Kait Dunton
Piano Department Head

Upon completion of the Bachelor of Music program in Piano Performance, students will:

  • Combining a knowledge of contemporary styles and leadership skills with a solid foundation of music theory and technique.
  • Arranging and composing, improvising, rehearsing and directing a band, sight-reading
  • Learn  integrative, real-time approach in weekly forums, culminating in a personal project and final recital.
  • LACM prepares you for the music industry and what goes beyond school.
  • Learn Music Technology, Music Business and Marketing Skills, essential to the development of today’s entrepreneurial artists.

Program Pacing

Piano Faculty

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Piano Application Requirements

      This prepared selection should be an example of your best playing in a style that you enjoy and are most comfortable with, and should demonstrate your proficiency on the instrument. Your prepared piece can be a solo, an ensemble, or play-along to a backing track. If you are playing with other musicians, you must play the melody and solo in addition to accompanying. Please introduce the title, composer and style of the piece in your application (5 minutes maximum).
      NOTE: No original pieces in this section (See below).
    2. SCALES
      Perform the following scales at a tempo of 120 BPM, two octaves up and down, hands together:
      -C major, B major and Bb major
      -F natural minor
      -Chromatic scale starting on any note
      Perform the following:
      -2 Short Czerny Excerpts (quarter note tempo ~80 BPM)
      -Rhythmic Chart Excerpt (quarter note tempo ~160 BPM)
    4. READING
      Select one (1) of the examples below:
      -Excerpt from John Legend’s “PDA” – Groove/comp in the verse section
      -Bach’s “Little Prelude” BWV 939
      -Excerpt from “What a Difference a Day Made;” Melody with chordal accompaniment, any style

Submit an original composition. This may be submitted in audio or video format. Include a lead sheet or score if possible, lyrics if applicable, and any other information you want to include about your piece.