The Majors offered this Spring

Composing for Visual Media

Equips students with the skills they will need both musically and professionally to succeed in the world of visual media.Explore composers in film, television, video games and new media while learning from the past and preparing for the future.Learn musical technique, technical skills, and an understanding of how to function independently, as well as with producers, directors, and fellow musicians. Hands-on program that not only provides professional opportunities, but culminates with the completion of the student’s own film score.


Development of their own original material, as well as instructing on the art of writing and pitching successfully toward other established artists.Produce and record their original songs in LACM’s state-of-the-art studio facilities
Constant contact with the top industry members available in the Los Angeles area. Recieve outstanding abilities along with a full network of active contacts.LACM is uniquely positioned to provide access to major artists, producers, music supervisors, publishers and more.Armed with a solid catalog of competitive material along with a network of music and entertainment professionals to further their career goals.

Andre Knecht
Music Business

Prepares professionals to tackle challenges of the modern music industry, understanding revenue streams and opportunities for innovative business models. Applied business and accounting, marketing, digital distribution and monetization, A&R, publishing, licensing, music supervision, artist management, tour strategies and more. Establishing a strong foundation in musicianship. "The music industry is changing every day and we need critical thinkers who set trends and discover new business models. This program challenges students to become the next leaders of the global music business." Erin Workman

Music Producing and Recording

As much as it is about composition, songwriting, engineering and arranging, music production, the course prepares you for managing a process. Learn historical and technical background they need to compete in the world of production
Develops the necessary tools and techniques needed to take ideas to the next level. Prepares you to effectively work alone or in groups, with elements of every facet of production under your belt. State-of-the-art “Garage Recording Studio” at LACM and “The Hobby Shop” Studios owned and operated by program faculty member and multi-platinum selling producer Andrew “Mudrock” Murdoch.