Cooper Damron



Cooper Damron is a 25-year-old singer/songwriter from Bakersfield, CA who is fresh into his career as a professional musician. Not until recently would Damron define himself as an artist. Spending almost a decade pursuing his career as an athlete, his music has taken a back seat until now. Basketball brought world travels, personal growth, and an excess of life experiences, but limited time for music. Today, with music as a priority, he is eager to delve into his craft. He’s spent the last two years playing with multiple bands in southern California, writing, performing, and recording. He released his first album in 2014 with his band, Frankie and the Giants, and is currently working on his first solo album.Growing up in the central valley of California Damron grew up in a world saturated with country music. He was raised on the sounds of Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, and Buck Owens; all of whom have influenced Damron’s sound. His music is rooted in a folk or country style, however it has a depth far beyond that. Elements of Jazz and soulful R&B rhythms bring a unique and refreshing light to the traditional folk structure. It is reflective of the medley that life proves itself to be. His sound is completely at home today, yet wonderfully reminiscent of a nostalgic era in California’s past.