Crosby Loggins



It’s not every day that someone can say their dad is someone of the stature of famed recording artist Kenny Loggins, but for Crosby Loggins, fame didn’t come in his father’s footsteps. In fact, Crosby paved his own road and came to light in his own way after fighting the grips of his father’s name and fame.Growing up in Santa Barbara and surrounded by friends of the celebrity, some could argue that the younger Loggins path was pre-ordained, but Crosby himself didn’t look at it that way. He took on keyboard and guitar at a young age, worked with and got kicked out of a ska band, and then gave it all up to work the blue collar life in Hawaii. Crosby Loggins built houses from 1999-2001 before deciding to come back to Los Angeles and pursue his one true love: music.Crosby set up shop back in town and decided to do the smart thing and really hone his craft. He came back to study with us at the Los Angeles College of Music before launching his career as a musician.The young musician went through a few band names – including Crosby Loggins and the Leadbirds and Crosby Loggins and the Namedroppers – before finally settling on Crosby Loggins and the Light.With Crosby on guitar and lead vocals, the outfit is completed by his band mates in the Light, including Paul Cartwright on mandolin and violin, Dennis Hamm on keyboard, Jared Pope on percussion and drums, Forrest Williams on bass, and Jesse Siebendberg who plays guitar, lap steel, sings, and does some production work.Crosby Loggins was featured on a season of Rock the Cradle on MTV. This series rates the children of musically gifted parents to see who is the most talented and Loggins beat out children of Bobby Brown, Olivia Newton-John and MC Hammer a few years ago.What is next for our LACM alumnus remains to be seen, but you can find out all the latest info about Crosby Loggins via his webpageand social media outlets. You can bet that with names and voices like John Mayer on his debut record that this guy has plenty of room to fly. Where and how he spreads his wings remains to be seen and we wish him all the best!