Kira Hooks



Hailing from Los Angeles, Kira Hooks is a driven, passionate and charismatic singer songwriter who set out to approach her music with a unique feel. Growing up in different countries around the world, she’s an artist with many facets.Her brand new album, ‘Elephant Heart’, features a collection of twelve songs that fall somewhere in between the warmth of soul, the melodies of pop and the explosive grooves of Latin/Funk music.The album is colorful and kaleidoscopic, featuring the performances of an ensemble of proficient and expressive musicians whose sound is a great complement to Kira’s vibrant and heartfelt vocals.This self-proclaimed “old soul” managed to create a sound that defies genre limitations, borrowing inspiration from many different eras and performers the likes of Billie Holiday, The Andrew Sisters, Ray Charles and Cole Porter, just to name a few. Kira is an eclectic performer and talented songwriter who refuses to get stuck in a box, while managing to keep her music accessible and easy to relate to.“She is solid. A hybrid of pop, contemporary and alternative. Amazing vocals, spectacular production and innovative instrumentation. Harmonies are beautifully constructed. Lyrical content is powerful. This artist is ready for a global invasion. Radio, commercial and abroad opportunities are on her horizon” 360 MagazinePreview performances include:

  • Hard Rock Cafe – Honolulu, HI
  • Dragon Upstairs – Honolulu, HI
  • Levitt Pavilion – Los Angeles
  • Make Music Pasadena – Los Angeles
  • The Garage – Los Angeles
  • San Diego Safari Park – Los Angeles