Taylor Saul



Australian born songwriter, Taylor Saul has been writing passionately from the age of 13 and has moved to America recently to pursue her dreams.Developing her passion for music while growing up with a family full of musicians, Taylor was accustomed to songwriters such as Carole King, James Taylor, The Beatles and Amy Winehouse. Playing piano since she was three, she completed her final year of school with a highly commendable result for Music Composition and was nominated for both her songs to be placed in the High School Certificate state program, ENCORE in New South Wales. After completing a bachelor degree in Media Communications; Public Relations and Advertising at the University of New South Wales, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her original passion for music.Newly graduated as a songwriter from Los Angeles College of Music (LACM), Taylor is exploring different genres such as Dance, EDM, Singer Songwriter and Pop music to diversify her audience and expand her skills. Taylor’s outgoing personality bounces into her catchy pop tunes whilst also managing to engage a deeply emotional reception that is relatable to her audience.Taylor has recently released her first EP in September 2016, Fresh Love Paranoia. Overall the album is pop and expresses the different elements of new love. It expresses her personality, which has an upbeat, playfulness as well as a serious undertone. Her catchy pop hooks will be stuck in your head for days!