Hi my name is Taylor Saul and I’m a singer songwriter from Sydney Australia. I finished my degree in PR and Advertising and decided that pathway wasn’t the right choice for me and essentially wasn’t going to make me happy. I was all ready to run to the other side of the world to do what I truly believe I was born to do. Yes I got a degree, I made my parents proud but I knew I needed to do something risk taking and adventurous whilst exploring my true passion for songwriting.  I knew I made the right decision when at orientation day at LACM, I got a flush of goosebumps with sheer excitement and a sense of relief that I made the right decision. I saw my skills as a songwriter develop through and through, I made friends for life from countries all over the globe. I conquered obstacles I never thought I could-  I learned guitar in 6 weeks, orchestrated a 6 piece band, performed in front of industry panelists and released an EP. None of which could be done without the education and assistance of LACM.

In Australia, I went to a large industrial university where I survived 3 years of being unnoticed and invisible. Once I came to LACM, I couldn’t believe how much they genuinely cared about me and my future. They cared about what my business card should look like, how I should perfect my lyrical skills, the techniques of piano and theory and so much more. Everyday was a bucket load of important information that would assist me for my everyday life as a songwriter/ entrepreneur.

Yes it was hard, yes people were dropping like flies, yes I was stressed but this was only a little insight into the real world of the music industry. What was so crazy was that in Australia I felt so far away from all the action as a writer or a musician, “making it” seemed like a faraway task. However at LACM I was meeting famous writers, meeting Beyonce’s lawyer, meeting the Madden Brothers and actually going to their studio as an excursion. Everything feels accessible in Los Angeles and less daunting. I graduated this month, as writer and was so amazed at the overall experience at LACM.

The school overall has a nurturing atmosphere, a multicultural and bilingual environment that broadened my mind about the outside world. I became more cultured and more educated and inspired every day whilst doing what I absolutely love.

Taylor Saul x