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The curriculum at LACM combines theory, reading, musicianship and practical live playing to help bass players develop a firm grip on harmonic movement, time, and groove, while also finding quick access to the subtleties of many genres. Bass majors develop skills to become all-around musicians, learning sight reading, composition, arrangement and recording technique, while also developing a strong familiarity with music business.

Brass & Woodwind

The Brass & Woodwind major prepares trumpet, trombone and saxophone players for a well-rounded career that incorporates live performance, studio recording, composition, arrangement and licensing. It also provides for performance opportunities in big band, large and small ensembles and performance combos that allow students to develop their personal sound as a player.


The drum major at LACM focuses your studies on learning your instrument and on learning to play with others. The curriculum improves motor skills, technique and sound, presents contemporary rhythm concepts, and develops a wide range of repertoire across all styles. Additionally, it develops modern studio recording and live performance skills and informs students of important music business practices for any independent musician.


The guitar is one of the most popular instruments in history, but also one of the hardest to master. At LACM you will have the opportunity to perfect a challenging combination of harmony, reading, rhythm playing, and solo and accompaniment skills, along with a wide range of stylistic vocabulary, while also developing your own voice. Students learn to master guitar performance both on the stage and in the studio, prepared to tackle any gig.


The Vocal Performance major focuses on giving vocalists the tools to ‘get to the music’ as full partners with great instrumentalists and producers. The program is form-fitted to the passions of each students and presents them with opportunities to gain feedback from professionals in A&R, recording, film & television and live touring.

Music Producing and Recording

As much as it is about composition, songwriting, engineering and arranging, music production is really about managing a process. The Music Producing & Recording major teaches students the historical and technical background they need to compete in the world of production, but also develops the necessary tools and techniques needed to take ideas to the next level.

Composing for Visual Media

The Composing for Visual Media major equips students with the skills they need both musically and professional to succeed in the world of visual media, which includes film, television, video games and more. The hands-on program provides opportunities to make professional connections and culminates with the completion of the student’s own film score.


As a Songwriting major, students are trained to write hit songs in a variety of popular genres, and learn the requisite skills needed to compose for the film and television industries. Faculty guide each student through the development of their own material, as well as instruction on the art of writing, and successfully pitching their work toward labels, licensing companies and other performance artists.

Music Business

The Music Business major prepares professionals to tackle challenges of the modern music industry, understanding revenue streams and opportunities for innovative business models. It develops proficiency in applied business and accounting, marketing, digital distribution and monetization, A&R, publishing, licensing, music supervision, artist management, tour strategies and more, while also establishing a strong foundation in musicianship. Courses are specially sequenced to maximize learning potential throughout the program.