If you work in the music business, you will probably hear at least a few negative stereotypes about all types of musicians, one of these types of musicians being vocalists and singers. It may seem like an easy business to get into if you look to the numerous famous and successful singers, but to be talented, successful, and also taken seriously can be a great challenge. This is just one of the things that scared me about joining the vocal program, but my fears were soon subsided by the amount of friendly faces that surrounded me in my vocal class and vocal faculty, as well as how supportive we were of each other.

Throughout my time in the vocal program, I have witnessed myself and all of my classmates grow as singers to break boundaries and achieve things we thought did not seem possible. Whether it was by mastering new styles, arranging amazing pieces, or pulling off a killer showcase – we were helping to break down these stereotypes that we were once afraid of. But even more important than our accomplishments is the love we have for each other and support we have had from each other as well as other musicians at school. We are always supporting each other at showcases, recitals, and outside concerts, and we are always trying to help push each other forward. We are not catty or competitive, trying to bring each other down – we want each other to succeed and want all of us to achieve greatness because we are a family. And when others see that love and confidence, it’s contagious! Our passion and drive to succeed and help others succeed has helped us build wonderful relationships with other musicians in other departments as well as faculty members. When I eventually leave LACM, I know that it will not be the end of my journey with these vocalists. I can’t wait to see how my fellow vocal classmates continue to grow from here and be there to cheer me on – and I know I can count on them to be cheering me on, too.

By Kira Morrison