While working in the industry, you may come across a lot of artists and musicians who really don’t like social media. Although it is one of the biggest trends of the 21st-century, not everyone loves the idea of putting their entire life in the public eye for people to see and comment on. But when you’re trying to promote yourself as an artist – it is something you have to consider as someone who is marketing your own brand. It can be a difficult first step – you may be scared that people will think you are vain or conceited for posting about yourself. You may be scared that people will judge you. But outweighing the number of people who are judging you negatively is the group of supporters you can gain from social media and the opportunities that may come from putting yourself out there with your music.

Promoting myself as an artist on social media seemed strange to me at first, but I soon became inspired by my friends who were designing their own posters and posting videos showcasing their amazing talents. Soon enough, I was posting flyers that I made for upcoming gigs and learning more about social media marketing tools like Instagram videos and website design. Once I started putting these tools to good use, others noticed, and now I’m working as a social media intern for my own music college curating content and finding new way to represent the school’s marketing image. I even got to design a poster for one of my favorite artists, Aubrey Logan, who recently did a concert at our school! I’ve learned so much since I started incorporating social media with my music. It’s about so much more than just likes and shares – it’s about connecting with people and reaching an audience that’s larger than you could ever imagine. Although it can be very tedious and at times annoying, this connection makes it worth it.


By Kira Morrison