COVID Update #20

Winter 2021 Announcement

Hello LACM Community!

Happy Thanksgiving to each of you and we hope you’ll be able to take time to enjoy your families, whether it is in person or remote.  We are certainly grateful for each and every one of you!  We are so impressed with the resilience shown in the way you continue to adapt and rise to the challenges brought to all of us during this time.  We recognize that the remote learning format is not what anyone would have chosen, but the way that the music and the education persist and thrive is truly nothing less than amazing.

While we would love to make a different announcement today, it does not appear that LACM will be permitted to open campus facilities in January.  In order for each of you to make plans and in accordance with the most recent case number data, we are making the determination to keep all classes delivered in the remote format for the Winter 2021 quarter.  We will continue to monitor daily and, if there are changes to the case numbers that allow for us to open facilities mid-quarter, we will certainly do so.  But at this time, the LA County Public Health Department is only allowing a hybrid learning format for essential workers (medical professional training programs, law enforcement training, etc.).  As such, LACM does not fall into the category that would allow us to open campus in a hybrid format.

At the future point where the determination changes, we will move to open the campus for facility use and will begin a hybrid delivery of classes as we are able (Phase One of the Reopening Plan).  In the meantime, we will continue to provide excellent education and events regardless of format.

We are so appreciative for each of you, for not allowing these disappointments and challenges to deter your progress or interfere with the making of the music the world so desperately needs.  Your strength and tenacity are inspiring!

Enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday and thank you again for all you do.

Best regards,
Tom and the LACM Administration

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