Covid Update #23

Campus COVID-19 Update #23 | March 1, 2021

Hello LACM Community!

It is our great pleasure to inform you that our faculty and staff members are now eligible to receive the vaccine, which will bring us much closer to the reopening of campus becoming a reality.  We are seeing the case numbers decline weekly and this metric will determine the actual date for opening.

While we anticipate this partial opening of campus occurring at some point during the Spring quarter, the initial phase will be for facility use only (rehearsals, recording sessions, lab use, etc.) and we will update our reopening plan to outline the specific protocols as we get nearer to that time. Spring 2021 classes will remain remote so that we can prioritize the successful implementation of safety protocols with the partial reopening of campus.  This will also allow those students who are not currently located in Los Angeles to make plans to return before the Summer quarter begins.

We are expecting to be opening the campus for a hybrid class schedule for the Summer 2021 quarter.  And we are optimistic that we will be fully opened by Fall 2021.  To monitor the statistics, you can view at:

This is very exciting to be nearing what we hope will be the end of this very long year and challenging circumstances for all.  We still need to be vigilant and continue to take all safety precautions, but this is positive movement and we are grateful to be able to share the good news with you.

We will continue to keep you updated as the vaccination rollout continues and the moment we are permitted to open our campus, it will make us VERY happy to see and hear those of you who are able to make use of the facilities.  It will be so wonderful to hear these halls filled with music again and to be able to see you in person.  What a year it’s been!

Thank you for your continued perseverance.  We are all so impressed by your dedication to your craft, your studies, and the pursuit of your dreams.  In spite of the challenges, incredible music has been made this year!  We look forward to seeing you soon.

Best Regards,
The LACM Administration

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