Babaghanoush Live at the Garage

Babaghanoush was initially formed in late 2002 by guitarist and composerDimitris Jimmy Mahlis, drummer Ralph Humphrey, bassist Jerry Watts and saxophonist Antti Suzuki. All unique and individual musicians in their own right, the philosophy of the group was to come together to bring life to the multi- rhythmic and multi- ethnic compositions of Mahlis in both an organic and personal way. The results were often astonishing.

Ralph Humphrey, as both a performer and educator, brings to the table years of experience in all genres of music. Truly gifted with the ability to make “non western” time signatures dance and come to life. In Babaghanoush, his vast knowledge of multiple meters was thoroughly utilized. Together with bassist Jerry Watts, also a performer and educator with much experience in all genres of music but with a truly unique approach to styles outside of typical western genres, a rhythm section was formed that could explore much musical territory with ease. Dimitris Mahlis playing style on multiple instruments has been described as both soulful and unique. Thoroughly versed in both western and eastern musical theory, his playing and compositions have set a standard in cross- cultural pollination.

Babaghanoush has released one album to date, “Aphrodite Moves On”.

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