COVID Update #34

Campus Re-opening Winter Quarter

Hello LACM Students!

We hope you are enjoying your holiday break and look forward to seeing you back for our Winter 2022 quarter beginning on Monday, January 10.  Many of you may be wondering if we will be opening campus for rehearsals and facility use on the week of January 3rd, but we have determined not to do so in order to allow everyone to safely return from holidays and obtain a negative PCR test result prior to classes starting.  This decision is made out of an abundance of caution given the rapid transmission rate of the Omicron COVID-19 variant in particular.  A negative PCR test result within 7 days (72 hours preferred) of the first campus entry will be required for all students, faculty, and staff prior to being permitted on campus.

We will resume our weekly testing requirement for all students on campus beginning the week of January 10, but the negative PCR test result referenced above will need to be obtained on your own before returning to campus.  You will not be permitted entry to campus without having delivered your test result, no later than Noon on Sunday, January 9.  If you miss this deadline, there may be a delay in activating your campus badge and you should contact with any concerns in this regard.  Please upload test results to:

Weekly Covid 19 Test Results: 

LACM will hold all classes on campus as planned, starting on the first day of the quarter, January 10. Certain private lessons (vocal, brass and woodwind and songwriting departments) will be scheduled via Zoom to avoid singing or playing wind instruments in confined spaces. We will be prepared to temporarily conduct classes via Zoom should new COVID-19 cases emerge during the quarter (we will follow health department protocols for guidance in determining when this is necessary).

We are trusting you to consider your fellow students and community members when returning from travel.  Please give yourself ample time to return, test, and be certain you have no symptoms prior to returning to campus.

As you all know, we had a small outbreak of cases at the end of the Fall quarter and it was determined that many have not been truthful when reporting symptoms via Campus Clear.  This outbreak could have been potentially avoided if those presenting symptoms had properly reported and remained off campus.  Because of this concerning issue, LACM will be implementing a $500 fine for any student who is discovered to have been dishonest in the reporting of symptoms via Campus Clear.

We have instructed all faculty members to make accommodations for students who need to remain at home when sick, but if there are concerns regarding a particular class in which this is an issue or concern, please report immediately to the Academic Advising Office

The safety of our community is of the utmost importance and we also would like to prevent any further disruption to in-person learning.  Until further notice, all safety protocols will continue to be adhered to – including the wearing of masks at all times while on the LACM campus. 

To review:

-LACM will conduct all classes in person (please reference above for the noted private lesson(s) exception) beginning January 10, 2022.

-A negative PCR test result must be delivered to LACM within 7 days (72 hours preferred) of the first entry to campus and no later than Noon on Sunday, January 9.  Please submit test results to: 

-The weekly on-campus testing requirement will resume beginning the week of January 10.

-A $500 fine will be assessed for any individual who is found to have been dishonest in reporting symptoms via Campus Clear.

-All safety protocols will be adhered to, including the wearing of masks at all times while on the LACM campus.

We know that these are challenging times, but we are so appreciative that we have been able to be back together on campus and making music as a community.  Every effort is in place to ensure that this collaboration and in person learning can continue without interruption.  Please do your part to respect these requirements and recognize that they are constructed for the protection of everyone in the community, as well as our unique learning environment.

For any general questions or concerns regarding this announcement, please contact EVP Erin Workman at

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