COVID Update #37

Winter Classes Online Weeks 1-4

ONLINE JANUARY 10 – FEBRUARY 4:  In light of the continued surge in COVID-19 cases, and in particular the high transmissibility of the Omicron variant, we have determined to hold all classes online only for the first 4 weeks of the Winter 2022 quarter.  This decision is made based on the daily case count as well as the reality that multiple LACM students and faculty members are currently testing positive.  We also recognize that many of you will have newly returned from traveling and this has shown to increase the risk of an outbreak of cases on campus.  This four-week period will give everyone ample time to test, quarantine as needed, and return safely for in-person instruction.

We plan to return fully in person to campus in the week of February 7.  You will receive Zoom invitations from each of your faculty but if you have any concerns or issues, please notify your Department Head and/or for assistance.  For more information regarding how to attend your classes via Zoom, please refer to the attached instructions.  Please also check the attached required equipment list to make sure you have all resources necessary to complete your coursework remotely.

CAMPUS OPEN FOR FACILITIES USE: We will open the campus for facility use in week two, beginning Tuesday January 18, with the negative PCR test result required to access campus.  All students who will be accessing campus must continue to provide the weekly test result as well, including all students residing at the Cadence.  For those seeking to access campus in week two, testing will be provided next week on Monday (1/10) and Thursday (1/13) @ 11am-5pm.  And a negative PCR test result within 7 days of the first access to campus will be required.  Please submit your test results to:

No student will be permitted to utilize campus facilities without this test result having been uploaded and delivered within the appropriate time frame.  This includes those who do not plan to come to campus during the first four weeks but will be returning the week of February 7.

Weekly testing will still be required for those accessing campus for facility use and the testing schedule on the LACM Campus (South Courtyard) for week(s) 1-4 will be on Mondays and Thursdays @ 11am-5pm and daily testing options to meet the weekly test requirement (M-F @ 7:30-11:30am) will resume as we fully return to campus the week of February 7.

CAMPUS OPEN HOURS: Starting Week 2, January 18, campus  hours will be : M-F 3pm-10:30pm and Sat & Sun 11am-6:30pm.  Masks are required at all times, along with all other current safety protocols, and the updated CDC recommendation is for these masks to either be surgical masks or KN95 masks.

*The  Cadence shuttle will not be running during the first four weeks of the quarter but the regular schedule will resume the week of February 7.

FACILITY USE RESTRICTIONS: No in-person performances, events, or large gatherings will be permitted on campus during the first four weeks.  It is required that no more than 5 individuals gather in classroom/rehearsal settings, with 6 ft distancing required at all times, and no more than one individual at a time be permitted to use the small practice rooms or DAW labs.  The North and South recording studios will not be accessible to students during the first four weeks of the quarter.  It is a continued requirement that each student who will be singing in a live or DAW setting bring and use only their own microphone, while also remaining masked at all times.  In addition, no guests will be permitted on campus during this time – current LACM students, faculty, and staff only.

BOOSTER SHOTS: We also believe that it is in the best interest of our entire community for every individual who is not exempt from vaccination requirements to receive the booster prior to returning to classes the week of February 7.  At this time, it is not a requirement, but it is highly recommended and has proven to drastically reduce or even eliminate symptoms should you test positive.  This also allows for lessened transmissibility of the virus.  This may be required at some point, so please make arrangements to receive the booster at your earliest convenience if you have not already.

We know that this may come as a disappointment to some of you, while hopefully easing the concerns that others of you have expressed.  We are hopeful that this decision will allow us to return more safely the week of February 7 and we will be able to resume classes in person at that time.  We are so appreciative of each of you and our collective efforts to remain safe as a community during these times.

Please continue to do your part to keep yourself and those around you protected and safe! 

Best Regards,
LACM Administration

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