COVID Update #41

Campus Update May 17, 2022

Hello Students – 

Thank you again for being so cooperative with our need to continue to wear masks on campus.  Unfortunately, our cases have continued to rise in spite of our efforts.  As a result, we have determined to move all classes to Zoom for the next two weeks.  This will be effective beginning tomorrow (Wednesday 5/18) and we plan to return to in-person classes on Tuesday, May 31.

The following adjustments will be made during this time:

  1. We will continue to require twice weekly testing during this time and you may come to campus to test between 9am-4pm Mondays and Thursdays.  This is very important in order for us to track the progress and monitor results.  
  2. The campus will remain open by appointment only using the Room Booker system (instructions attached) and you will only be able to utilize the campus for your allotted session.  Campus will be open from 9am-11pm each day of the week.  The café will not be open during this time.
  3. The Cadence shuttle will only run from 3-10pm and will resume normal schedule beginning Tuesday, May 31.
  4. Masks will need to be worn at all times while on campus and we highly encourage masks to be worn anytime you are in close contact with others.
  5. If at any time you either test positive or are experiencing Covid symptoms, please notify as soon as possible.

We are taking these measures in order to reduce the number of individuals on campus at any one time.  Our sincere hope is that this action will limit the spread so that we can safely continue to be on campus together and move back toward a mask optional policy – hopefully in time for end of quarter performances! 

Thank you again for complying with these protocols and please be very safe and cautious off campus as well.  We need to work together as a community and your efforts are appreciated.

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