08.09 Elmo Lovano

Elmo Lovano is the Founder & CEO of Jammcard. He’s also a professional drummer, producer and musical director that has worked with Skrillex, Snoh Aalegra, Miley Cyrus, Christina Perri, Late Night with Seth Meyers and more. Under Elmo’s leadership, Jammcard has become a household name in the industry, with Forbes coining it as the “LinkedIn for musicians.” Elmo is known for curating Jammcard’s live music event The JammJam which has featured Anderson .Paak, Chika, Jacob Collier, Ty Dolla $ign, Kamasi Washington, George Clinton and more. In 2020, Elmo led the charge to pass AB2257, a bill to keep the music industry out of the freelance-killing AB5 bill, and received an award from the RIAA

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