Ryan Romeneske Masterclass 11.24

Ryan Romenesko Masterclass 11/24/20

How does an artist become press worthy? What can you do to get coverage for the band you're managing? Learn the ins and outs of music publicity when…

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Amir Ziv Masterclass

Amir Ziv Masterclass 11/19/20

Critically acclaimed drummer/composer/bandleader/educator/producer – Amir Ziv, arrived in the USA from Israel in 1991 at the age of 19 and has helped…

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Kyle Weber Masterclass

Kyle Weber Masterclass 11/19/20

The roots of Indie On The Move, a touring and support resource for independent artists, date back to Kyle Weber's days as a member of ZELAZOWA, an…

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Low End Live Episode 2

Low End Live: Episode 2 11/18/20

Join the LACM Bass department and Bass Magazine for an exclusive series of free bass webinars. Hosted by LACM Bass Department Head, Jerry Watts Jr.…

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Jeff Beal Conversations with Composers 11/13/20

Jeff Beal, Conversations with Composers 11/13/20

Jeff Beal is a composer for visual media and the concert hall. With musical beginnings as a jazz trumpeter and recording artist, his works are…

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John Stowell Masterclass 11/02

John Stowell Masterclass 11/02/20

John is a unique jazz guitarist influenced as much by pianists and horn players as he is by guitarists. His original take on harmony, chords and…

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Open House Headers

Virtual Open House 11/14/20

Whether you are researching music colleges for the first time, or have already enrolled at LACM, Virtual Open House is the best way to experience our…

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Virtual Graduation 11/07

Virtual Graduation 11/07/20

LACM Virtual Graduation November 7, 2020 1:00pm - 2:30pm

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Summer Quarter 2020:

July 6: Quarter Begins
July 4: Independence Day, Campus Closed
September 7: Labor Day, Campus Closed
September 14 – 18: Exams Week
September 18: Quarter Ends

Fall Quarter 2020:

July 10: Tuition Deadline (New Students)
August 21: Tuition Deadline (Continuing Students)

September 30 – October 2: New Student Orientation
October 5: Quarter Begins
November 11: Veteran’s Day Observed, Campus Closed
November 26 & 27: Thanksgiving, Campus Closed
December 14 – 16: Exams Week
December 16: Quarter Ends
December 24 & 25: Christmas, Campus Closed
December 31 & January 1: New Year’s, Campus Closed

Winter Quarter 2021:

October 26: Tuition Deadline (New Students)
November 20: Tuition Deadline (Continuing Students)

January 11: Quarter Begins
January 18: MLK Jr Day Observed, Campus Open, No Classes
February 12: President’s Day Observed, Campus Open, No Classes
March 22 – 26: Exams Week
March 26: Quarter Ends
March 27: Graduation

Spring Quarter 2021:

January 18: Tuition Deadline (New Students)
February 26: Tuition Deadline (Continuing Students)

April 1 – 2: New Student Orientation
April 5: Quarter Begins
May 31: Memorial Day, Campus Closed
June 14 – 18: Exams Week
June 18: Quarter Ends

Summer Quarter 2021

April 18: Tuition Deadline (New Students)
May 21: Tuition Deadline (Continuing Students)

July 5: Quarter Begins
July 4: Independence Day, Campus Closed
September 6: Labor Day, Campus Closed
September 13 – 17: Exams Week
September 17: Quarter Ends

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