Hassan Dahik

Hassan Dahik



Hassan Dahik better know as HGroove is an Ecuadorian Singer songwriter and bass player influenced by rock, pop, funk and hip hop music. Back in his country he was the frontman and composer for the popular group “Ismusqa Brown y La Groove Machine.” They have performed on such notable shows as “Expresarte” a nationally syndicated program as well as “Descarga Musical.” They have performed at some of the premiere venues in Ecuador including “Plaza del Teatro”, “CAC”, “Café Democrático”, etc. They just released an album called “Funkzilla” and it was really well received. His aggressive but melodic style, paired with his energy onstage, make him a unique performer. For three years he studied music at “UDLA,” majoring in bass performance. Currently he is studying music at LACM in Los Angeles, CA and continues to create, perform, and record his original music.


(626) 696-0784