KT Ruth Harms

Singer/Songwriter/Indie/Alternative Rock


Kt Ruth Harms' childhood was spent in a music-loving household. Growing up on the likes of Simon and Garfunkel, Vampire Weekend, and the Decemberists, she found that she enjoys both the effortless feel and mood of indie rock and the rougher textures associated with grunge and alternative rock. Harms now finds inspiration in artists like Elliot Smith, Dr. Dog, Theo Katzman, and Nirvana. Her songwriting is often compared to Kurt Cobain's. Following in the indie tradition, she hopes to achieve the full scope of her artistry by working independently as a solo artist. Kt Ruth Harms is now based in Los Angeles, but she was raised in Burbank, California. As she's gotten her start, she's had the pleasure of performing in small venues like Room 41 and the Guitar Merchant, as well as an assortment of coffee shops, restaurants, and breweries. Before this project, however, Harms was fortunate to be able to play venues like The Hi Hat, The Rose, and The Wiltern with artists like Hvnted and Furiosa. Within these projects she's mainly been a bassist, but she also plays guitar, piano, and trumpet. Currently, Kt Ruth Harms is gigging around Los Angeles with a variety of bands and working on demos for her first album. The music Harms creates, while thoughtful and deliberate, has an air of unpredictability. Lyrically, some might say she takes a bold approach. She tries to speak with candor and approach sensitive, personal topics with as much honesty as she can muster. Her songwriting, while tending toward heavy-heartedness, hints at the optimistic. This creates an almost nostalgic feel to her work. With complicated song structures but simple, straightforward lyrics, her music exists in a constant state of contradiction. It's difficult to label as one genre or another as she's influenced by so many. She'll let you decide.