Singer/Songwriter/Producer/Hip Hop/Rap


Nigel Willem Canlapan (Mockingbyrd) is a Filipino born and Saudi raised Musician always trying to accomplish new feats even at a young age. The first time he heard music was when he couldn’t even muster the strength to crawl. He found a love for music once he hit the age of 6. He grew up mostly around rock, but a few years later, Nigel had found a new love for rap.
Moving on from Usher, he switched styles to 50 Cent, Ludacris, and most importantly - Eminem. The lyrical flow and the constant aggressive attacking voice Eminem has, along with a mixture of other styles ranging from MGK, Witt Lowry and Kendrick Lamar, is what really makes up his style. On top of being a lyricist, Nigel also produces beats, mostly on Logic Pro, but he has a fair understanding of other production softwares. Being 18, he still has a lot to learn and explore, but he has an incredible work ethic and stage presence. He’s determined to make the most of his time studying in LACM.
"Music is my art. Lyrics are my paint, and the beat is my canvas"


(626) 487-9947